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Public Transport Tours - Information Page

Pyongyang Travel is excited to offer transport enthusiasts the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join one of our Public Transport Tours in North Korea. Exclusively with us you will have the chance to see both lines of the Pyongyang Metro, get off at rarely seen stations of both the Chollima and the Hyoksin Line and shoot as many photos as you like. Normal tourists are only allowed to visit a maximum of 4-5 stations. You can be among the first western tourists to get the persmission for an extended ride on both metro lines. Furthermore, our groups do charter rides in former East German Tatra trams as well as in Chollima trolleybuses. Relying on our experience with Public Transport Tours in North Korea, it may even be possible to ride on a motored city bus. The tours also offer innumerable photo opportunities of vehicles in the regular operation - a sight which has already become a rarity in Central Europe.

It is particularly interesting for fans of the Berlin transport that the entire Pyongyang Metro is now operated entirely with former Berlin U-Bahn trains (type D, "Dora-trains"). Those trains cannot be seen in Berlin anymore, only in Pyongyang. Their windows still show signs of Berlin graffiti. You will also have the chance to talk to represantatives of the Pyongyan Metro, who provide information on the stations and their themes as well as on how the antique metro cars are maintained for everyday use.

Apart from such much public transport, we will of course also enjoy the attractions of Pyongyang as well as program points at other locations in North Korea.

Tour Program (21st October - 28th October 2014)

1st day (21st October 2014):

  • 18:00h - arrival in Pyongyang, Sightseeing on Kim Il Sung Square, city walk, Check-in and dinner at the Koryo Hotel (4 Stars)

2nd day (22nd October 2014):

  • Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), Kaesong city, Koryo Museum, lunch at Tongil Restaurant, Reunifiaction Monunment in Pyongyang, ride in chartered trolleybusses (likely Chollima 9.25, Chollima 70, Chollima 91 or Ikarus 260/280), Grand People's Study House, dinner at Hot Pot Restaurant, overnight at Koryo Hotel

3rd day (23rd October 2014):

  • Mansudae Grand Monument, Chollima Statue, Revolutionary Martyr's Cemetery, Foreign Language Bookshop, trolleybus spotting walk to Juche Tower, tram spotting near Monument to Party Foundation, Kaeson Youth Funfair, dinner at Duck Barbecue Restaurant, overnight at Koryo Hotel

4th day (24th October 2014):

  • Ride on the Swiss-made "Kurbeli" tram to Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, visit to Kususam Palace of the Sun (Mausoleum of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il), lunch, victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, USS-Pueblo spy ship, drive to Mt. Myohyang, check-in at Chongchon-Hotel

5th day (25th October 2014):

  • International Friendship Exhibition, Pohyon-Temple, lunch, Songnam Cavern, Pyongyang Ice Rink, dinner, overnight at Koryo Hotel

6th day (26th October 2014):

  • Pyongyang Metro Museum, Railway Museum, lunch, ride on both metro lines, Arch of Triumph, chartered ride in a Pyongyang Tatra tram (KT8D5, T6B5, T3 or T4D/B4D), visit to the tram depot Mangyongdae, drive to the city of Nampo, check-in at Ryonggang Hot Spa Hotel, dinner

7th day (27th October 2014):

  • West Sea Barrage, 3 Revolutions Exhibition, Pyongyang Film Studios, lunch, Mangyongdae birth place of President Kim Il Sung, chartered ride on a motored city bus, farewell-dinner at Taedonggang Diplomatic Club, overnight at Koryo Hotel

8th day (28th October 2014):

  • Breakfast, departure

Price (per person) for the October 2014 Public Transport Tour:

EUR 1590 (per person, by train from / to Dandong)
EUR 1790 (per Person, by Air Koryo from / to Beijing)

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