About us

After travelling to North Korea a few times ourselves it was the year 2013 when we decided to share our fascination and offer tours to North Korea. By travelling to North Korea yourself, you surely will notice, same as us, that you have just experienced one of the most spectacular, surpring and defining voyages there are. Thanks to the close collaboration and personal contact with the North Korean embassy in Berlin we made the impossible possible for our clients.

Promise of performance

Our focus is on you and your travel experience to North Korea. The consulting, information regarding your safety and enabling of personal requests are an absolute priority.

Our promise to you:


  • we take the time to adress your wishes and get rid of possible insecurities
  • you get the best possible consultation
  • our collaboration is always transparent, binding and reliable




  • up close and personal collaboration with the North Korean embassy in Berlin and local organizer KITC
  • all open group and private tours are well-matched with the organiser KITC for the perfect travel experience
  • timely client correspondence to facilitate your requests

Your Pyongyang Travel–Team