Flight information

Flight information for group travelers

The new capital airport Pyongyang Sunan (FNJ), completed in 2015, is home to the state-owned North Korean airline Air Koryo, which serves a large part of international scheduled flights to and from North Korea. On this page you will find an overview of all flight connections with Air Koryo, which are available on the respective days for our private travelers. Refer to the booking options of the respective tours to see which flight connections are available for open group tours.

Arriving with Air Koryo

North Korean airline Air Koryo uses Terminal 2 of the Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK). We strongly recommend that you arrive for check-in at Terminal 2 at least two hours before your flight to Pyongyang as the check-in procedure may take some time. For all open group tours, entry to North Korea is compulsory. Travelers on a private tour have the additional option of entering the country by train. Please note that there is an obligatory meeting for open group tour travelers in Beijing on the day before leaving for North Korea.

flight route flight days flight number departure*
Beijing (China) – Pyongyang (North Korea)
Tuesday and Saturday
JS152 13:05h 15:35h
Beijing (China) – Pyongyang (North Korea)
Thursday JS252 14:00h 16:30h


Departing with Air Koryo:


flight route flight days flight number departure*
Pyongyang (North Korea) Beijing (China) Tuesday and Saturday JS151 08:20h 09:50h
Pyongyang (North Korea) Beijing (China) Thursday JS251 10:00h 11:35h
Pyongyang (North Korea) – Shenyang (China) Wednesday and Saturday JS155 11:20h 12:00h
Pyongyang (North Korea) – Vladivostok (China) Monday and Friday JS271 8:30h 11:00h

Air Koryo Business-Class-Upgrade: EUR 400 (Surcharge for oneway flight), EUR 300 (Surcharge for a return flight).
* local time, flight times can change on short notice.