BBC, June 2017


BBC published an article about safety of traveling to North Korea. Our company gives an interview: Will people still travel to North Korea?

“Andre Wittig of Berlin-based Pyongyang Travel agrees that North Korea remains a country that’s safe to visit. “There’s not been a single time that we’ve had a situation that was even close to difficult,” he told the BBC. While stressing that the death of Mr Warmbier is a terrible tragedy that must not be repeated, he does not feel it will discourage increasing numbers of tourists from going there. (…) “Where we do in fact see a difference in bookings is whenever there are growing tensions between the US and North Korea – this is obviously something that has people worried,” Mr Wittig explains. “Since the Trump administration in Washington has upped the rhetoric to include a possible military strike, people are naturally more hesitant and concerned about booking a trip to North Korea.””

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