The Country I Saw [Part 1]

North Korea Movie
  • Discription:While serving as a journalist in World War 2 for the Imperial Army of Japan, “Takahashi Minoru” (Pak Ki Ju) sees first-hand the impact on Koreans who have had their national identity forcibly taken from them by the Japanese occupation of their country. It’s at this time that he adopts a mantra of viewing an incident before writing a newspaper editorial on it. Several years later he once again visits Korea as a war correspondent during the Korean War and takes home with him several more memories that have a great effect upon him as well. Years later he becomes a respected writer and while giving a speech on the Juche system has his perspective challenged by a young man in the auditorium. Having never seen North Korea he realizes that in order to meet his own high standard of journalism he must travel there and see for himself whether his opinion is valid or not.
  • Director: Eun-hie Choi, Sang-ok Shin
  • Stars: Seo Gyeong-Seob, Lee Jin-Hwan, Pak Ki Ju
  • Date of publication: 1987
  • Genre: Drama
  • Length: 87min