November Tour – 10 Days

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Traveltime: 19. November - 28. November 2019
Travel duration: 9 Nights / 10 Days

If you travel alone and don’t book a single room, you will share a double room with another participant of the group.
The visa fee of EUR 50 is not included in the tour fee and has to be paid in cash during the pre-tour meeting in Beijing on the day before the tour.


Day 0 (Monday, 18th November)
14:00h (2pm) – Obligatory pre-tour meeting of the group in Beijing’s Yi Beiping Beijing Story Restaurant (PDF). Handover and payment of your North Korean visa. Pre-tour briefing. Complementary Chinese-Korean Dinner (1 meal per person is included in the tour fee, extra drinks have to be paid individually). Train passengers take the night train to Pyongyang departing Beijing Railway Station at 17:25h.


Day 1 (Tuesday, 19th November)
13:05h (1.05pm) – Departure for flight passengers to Pyongyang with Air Koryo from Beijing Capital International Airport (Terminal 2), 16:05h (4.05pm) Arrival in Pyongyang, Transfer from the airport into the city centre, Arch of Triumph (built in 1982 to commemorate the return of President Kim Il Sung to Pyongyang after the end of the Korean War), Orientation walk in the city centre, Kim Il Sung Square, Vienna Coffee House, Dinner at a local Restaurant, Overnight at Sosan Hotel


Day 2 (Wednesday, 20th November)
Breakfast, Fountain Park, Mansudae Grand Monuments (giant bronze statues of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il)*, Chollima Statue, Lunch at a local restaurant, Ride on the Pyongyang Metro (the world’s deepest metro system, Pyongyang Film Studios, Visit to Pyongyang Gold Lane bowling alley, Dinner at Pyongyang Hot Pot Restaurant, Overnight at Sosan Hotel


Day 3 (Thursday, 21st November)
Breakfast, Kumsusan Palace of the Sun (Mausoleum of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il)*, Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery*, Lunch at a local restaurant, Kwangbop Temple (Buddhist temple of the Koguryo period, destroyed by US bombs in the Korean War, rebuilt in 1990), Tower of the Juche Idea (built in 1982 to mark the 70th birthdays of President Kim Il Sung), Monument to Party Founding (built in 1996 to honour the Worker’s Party of Korea), Dinner at Pyongyang Duck Barbecue Restaurant, Overnight at Sosan Hotel


Day 4 (Friday, 22nd November)
Breakfast, Grand People’s Study House (library in the centre of Pyongyang), School Children’s Palace, Mangyongdae Native House (Birthplace of President Kim Il Sung), Lunch at a local restaurant, 3 Revolutions Exhibition, Evening walk in the city centre, Dinner at a local restaurant, Overnight at Sosan Hotel


Day 5 (Saturday, 23rd November)
Breakfast, Walk through newly-built Mirae Scientist Street, Drive to Pyongsong, Paeksong Revolutionary Site (site where Kim Il Sung University hid during the Koran War), Lunch at a local restaurant, Drive to Mt. Myohyang, Ryongmun Cavern (huge underground cave with fascinating rock formations), Dinner and overnight at Chongchon Hotel


Day 6 (Sunday, 24th November)
Breakfast, Pohyon Temple (Buddhist temple of the 11th century), International Friendship Exhibition (huge underground exhibition of state gifts given to the DPRK leaders by international statesmen and business people), Lunch at Chongchon Hotel, Drive to Pyongyang, Dinner and overnight at Sosan Hotel


Day 7 (Monday, 25th November)
Breakfast, Drive to the Demilitarised Zone in Panmunjom, City walk in Kaesong, Koryo Museum, Korean Stamp Shop, Lunch at Tongil Restaurant (you can pre-order Dog Meat Soup for around EUR 5), Drive back to Pyongyang, Reunification Monument (built in 2001 to commemorate the efforts of President Kim Il Sung for the Korean Reunification), Dinner and overnight at Sosan Hotel


Day 8 (Tuesday, 26th November)
Breakfast, Drive to Nampo on the Korean West Coast, Sea Barrage (giant dam regulating the water level of the Taedong River), Drive to Mt. Kuwol, Sahwang Peak, Drive to the city of Sariwon, Lunch at a local restaurant, Orientation walk, Songbul Temple, Sariwon Folk Street, Jongbang Fortress, Dinner at overnight at Hotel 8th March


Day 9 (Wednesday, 27th November)
Breakfast, Drive to Sinchon, Museum of US War Atrocities, Drive back to Pyongyang, Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum (Museum of the Korean War), USS Pueblo (US spy ship captured by the Korean People’s Army in the territorial waters of the DPRK in 1968), Foreign Language Bookshop, Dinner at Taedonggang Diplomatic Club (it’s possible to rent a Karaoke room after dinner), Overnight at Sosan Hotel


Day 10 (Thursday, 28th November)
Breakfast, Departure


*Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery and Mansudae Grand Monuments are no ordinary tourist places anymore, making it increasingly difficult for tourists to visit these sites. It is impossible to know beforehand whether the group will be able to see those places. Therefore, please keep in mind that a visit is intended, however cannot be guaranteed. If visits are impossible, other sites will be included instead.