Great Transport Tour – 11 Nights / 12 Days

Great Transport Tour – 11 Nights / 12 Days

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5 September – 16 September 2017

12 days / 11 nights

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*Train from Moskau includes 2 Days private Tour. Departure in Moskow on 26.08.2017 and arrival in Pyongyang on 03.09.2017

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Product Description

Day 1 (Tuesday, 5th September)
Arrival in Pyongyang, Arch of Triumph, Orientation walk in the city centre, Kim Il Sung Square, Vienna Coffee House, Dinner at Pyongyang Chicken Restaurant, Overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 2 (Wednesday, 6th September)
Breakfast, Fountain Park, Mansudae Grand Monuments, Chollima Statue, Lunch at a local restaurant, Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery, Foreign Language Bookshop, Trolleybus spotting walk to Juche Tower, Tramspotting (watching and photo) near Monument to Party Founding (or another location), Dinner at Duck Barbecue Restaurant, Overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 3 (Thursday, 7th September)
Breakfast, drive to Pyongsong (scientist city), Paeksong Revolutionary Site (place where Kim Il Sung University hid during the Korean War), Lunch at a local restaurant, drive back to Pyongyang, Departure to Mt. Myohyang from Pyongyang Railway Station with a charter train (electric locomotive “Bulgungi”, 3-5 former Swiss passenger wagons with dining car), Stop at Yongpung Station, Late afternoon arrival in Hyangsan, Dinner and overnight at at Chongchon Hotel

Day 4 (Friday, 8th September)
Breakfast, International Friendship Exhibition, Pohyon Temple, Lunch at Chongchon Hotel, Departure from Hyangsan Station with a charter train to Pyongyang Railway Station, Dinner and overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 5 (Saturday, 9th September)
Breakfast, Ride (if we get permission) with the former Swiss “Kurbeli Tram” to Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, Lunch at a local restaurant, 3 Revolutions Exhibition, Science and Technology Complex, Kaeson Youth Funfair, Dinner and overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 6 (Sunday, 10th September)
Breakfast, Ride with the Pyongyang Metro (both lines), Lunch at a local restaurant, Ride with two chartered trolley busses in Pyongyang (if possible on the models: Chollima 9.25 Chollima 70, Chollima 91 or Ikarus 260/280), Walk through Moranbong Park, Dinner Overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 7 (Monday, 11th September)
Breakfast, Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, US spy ship Pueblo, Lunch at Pyongyang Airport Restaurant, Charter flight so Samjiyon (most likely on AN-24 or IL-18), Samjiyon Grand Monument, Dinner and overnight at Begebong Hotel

Day 8 (Tuesday, 12th September)
Breakfast, Drive to Mt. Paektu, Taking the cable car train or bus up to Janggun Peak (a fee or EUR 5 can apply), Half hour hike with a wonderful view of Lake Chon (Heaven Lake), Paektusan Secret Camp (Birthplace of Leader Kim Jong Il), Picnic Lunch, Rimyongsu Waterfall, Samjiyon walking tour, Dinner and overnight at Begebong Hotel

Day 9 (Wednesday, 13th September)
Breakfast, Charter fight to Chongjin (Orang Airport, most likely on AN-24 or IL-18), Arrival and transfer to Chongjin, Lunch at a local hotel, visit to Susongchon Combined Foodstuff Factory, Visit to a Kindergarden, Foreign Languages School (meeting the students), Foreign Sailors Club, Dinner and overnight at a local hotel

Day 10 (Thursday, 14th September)
Breakfast, Russian War Memorial (with a wonderful view over Chongjin), Local Trolleybus Tour, Chongjin Art Studio, E-library, Lunch at a local hotel, Drive to Kyongsong via Yombun Revolutionary Site, Flight back to Pyongyang via Sondok (most likely on AN-24 or IL-18), Dinner and overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 11 (Friday, 15th September)
Breakfast, Railway Museum, Ride with two chartered trams in Pyongyang (KT8D5, T6B5, T3 or T4D / B4D), Visit to the tram depot Mangyongdae, lunch at a local restaurant, Pyongyang Metro Museum, Pyongyang Gold Lane Bowling Alley, Dinner and overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 12 (Saturday, 16th September)
Breakfast, Departure

*It’s possible to take the train from Moscow to Pyongyang for the entry option (departure in Moscow 26th August, arrival in Pyongyang 3rd September – this option would require a surcharge of EUR 980 for the enhanced private tour program of 3 days / 2 nights before the actual group tour and the train ticket)

The itinerary is a pre-planned itinerary, which we intend to follow accordingly. However, it is also normal for DPRK tourism that certain program points may be modified or replaced by the North Koreans at short notice. Usually, such changes only happen to the order of events, but in rare occurances also to larger parts of the itinerary. We as a travel intermediary between our clients and the North Korean government tourism agency are not responsible for any of such short-term changes. We therefore we ask you for your understanding that in the event of such changes, the tour can neither be fully, nor partially refunded.

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All group tours take place regardless of the number of participants.

Travel features

Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Hiking, Korean War Museum with USS Pueblo, Metroride in Pyongyang, Myohyang Mountains, Paektu Mountains


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