Pyongyang Marathon Tour – 8 Days

Pyongyang Marathon Tour – 8 Days

starting from 1,900.00 €

8 April – 15 April 2017

8 days / 7 nights

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Product Description

Day 1 (Saturday, 8th April)

Arrival in Pyongyang, Distribution / lending of the RFID timing chip, Short city orientation walk along the marathon track, Arch of Triumph, Kim Il Sung Square, Dinner at Pyongyang Chicken Restaurant, Overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 2 (Sunday, 9th April)
Breakfast, Pyongyang Marathon (the marathon fee is not included in the tour price), City walk, Lunch at a local restaurant, Tower of the Juche Idea, Monument to Party Founding, Okryu Bridge, Ryongwang Pavilion, Drive to Kandong County, Tom of King Tangun, Ponghwari Revolutionary Site (Myongsin school, where the father of President Kim Il Sung was teaching in the 1920s), Dinner at Pyongyang Duck Barbecue Restaurant, Overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 3 (Monday, 10th April)

Breakfast, Drive to the Demilitarised Zone in Panmunjom, City walk in Kaesong, Koryo Museum, Korean Stamp Shop, Lunch at Tongil Restaurant (you can pre-order Dog Meat Soup for around EUR 5), Drive back to Pyongyang, Reunification Monument, Foreign Language Bookshop, Pyongyang Gold Lane Bowling Alley, Dinner at Pyongyang Hot Pot Restaurant, Overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 4 (Tuesday, 11th April)

Breakfast, Fountain Park, Mansudae Grand Monuments (giant bronze statues of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il), Chollima Statue, Grand People’s Study Hall, Lunch at a local restaurant, Pyongyang Metro extended ride, City walk, Dinner at Pyongyang Chicken Restaurant, Overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 5 (Wednesday, 12th April)

Breakfast, drive to Pyongsong, Paeksong Revolutionary Site (site where Kim Il Sung University hid during the Koran War), Central square and monument in Pyongsong, Lunch at Jangsusan Hotel, Drive to Mt. Myohyang, Ryongmun Cavern, Dinner and overnight at Chongchon Hotel

Day 6 (Thursday, 13th April)

Breakfast, Pohyon Temple (Buddhist temple of the 11th century), International Friendship Exhibition (huge underground exhibition of state gifts given to the DPRK leaders by international statesmen and business people), Lunch at Chongchon Hotel, Drive to Pyongyang, Visit to an ostrich farm, Kaeson Youth Funfair, Dinner and overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 7 (Friday, 14th April)

Breakfast, Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum (Museum of the Korean War), USS Pueblo (US spy ship captured by the Korean People’s Army in the territorial waters of the DPRK in 1968),Lunch at a local restaurant, 3 Revolutions Exhibition, Pyongyang Film Studios, Dinner and overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 8 (Saturday, 15th April)

Day of the Sun – Birthday of President Kim Il Sung

Breakfast, Departure

The itinerary is a pre-planned itinerary, which we intend to follow accordingly. However, it is also normal for DPRK tourism that certain program points may be modified or replaced by the North Koreans at short notice. Usually, such changes only happen to the order of events, but in rare occurances also to larger parts of the itinerary. We as a travel intermediary between our clients and the North Korean government tourism agency are not responsible for any of such short-term changes. We therefore we ask you for your understanding that in the event of such changes, the tour can neither be fully, nor partially refunded.

Additional Information


08. April (Saturday) bis 15. April 2017 (Saturday)

Places to Visit

City orientation walk along the marathon track, Pyongyang Marathon, Demilitarised Zone in Panmunjom, Pyongyang Metro extended ride, Mt. Myohyang, International Friendship Exhibition, Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, Mass dance event at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium


Route: Start at the Kim Il Sung Stadium – Triumphal Arch – Friendship tower – Tower of Eternal Life – Kim Il Sung University – Kumrung Tunnel No. 2 – Chongryu Bridge – Mansu road – rungra Bridge – Kurung Tunnel No. 1 – Ansangtaek road – Theater of the People’s Army – arc de Triomphe.

The full distance consists of about 4 rounds, the half distance of about 2 rounds and the 10km run from just one round.

Start / finish of the marathon is the interior of Kim Sung l stadium.

Minimum participants

All group tours take place regardless of the number of participants.

Tour description

The “Day of the Sun” on 15 th April is the most important holiday for the Koreans. 15 th April is the birthday of President Kim Il Sung. You will notice that streets, avenues, houses and everything else will be decorated in a festive mood. In Pyongyang, thousands of people will gather in front of the Mansudae Grand Monuments to pay their respect to the giant bronze statues of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il. On our Kim Il Sung Birthday Tour you will have the opportunity to witness these celebrations. The tour also includes sightseeing in the capital Pyongyang, where you will visit many of the famous monuments. But that’s not all: you will also visit the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) on the border to south Korea near Kaesong and Mt. Myohyang. Reaching 1909m altitude, Mt. Myohyang is the second highest mountain in North Korea after Mt. Paekdu. According to its name, Mt. Myohyang is “the mountain of mysterious scents”. Mt. Myohyang has been regarded as sacred by Koreans for a long time and it is deeply associated with the Tangun myth. The mountain area houses Pohyon Temple, the largest Buddhist shrine in North Korea, as well as the International Friendship Exhibition, a massive underground exhibition of presents from international statesmen and businessmen for the North Korean leaders.

The International Track and Field Federation – The 29th Mangyongdae Prize Marathon Championship will take place on 10 th April. Marathon participants enjoy the rare opportunity to get to know the Pyongyang from perspective, which ordinary tourist normally cannot enjoy.

The total number of participants of the Pyongyang Marathon will be limited up to 1500 runners. There will be a full marathon ( 42.195km – finish time 5 hours), a half marathon (21.0975km – finish time 2,5 hours) and a mini marathon (10km Marathon – finish time 2 hours) on offer. Registration fees (to be paid in Pyongyang in cash): Full Marathon – EUR 100, Half Marathon – EUR 70, Mini Marathon – EUR 50. An RFID timing chip will be provided to all participants in Pyongyang for EUR 10 lending fee.

Tourists who don’t run the marathon can watch the opening ceremony, a football match and the winners’ ceremony at Kim Il Sung Stadium for an entry fee of EUR 20. Alternatively, it is possible to watch the marathon from the streets of Pyongynag, which is free of any extra charge. Application for the Pyongyang Marathon closes on 15 th February 2015. Due to the limitation of 1500 runners, which has been put in place for the first time, we recommend you to book early enough to secure you a guaranteed start in the Pyongyang Marathon. Besides the Pyongyang Marathon, your tour will include some of the capital’s most famous sights and monumental structures.

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