Rural Tour (August) – 6 Days

Rural Tour (August) – 6 Days

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7 August – 12 August 2017

6 days / 5 nights

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Product Description

Day 1 (Monday, 7th August)
Arrival in Pyongyang, Arch of Triumph, Orientation walk in the city centre, Kim Il Sung Square, Vienna Coffee House, Dinner at Pyongyang Chicken Restaurant, Overnight at Sosan Hotel

Day 2 (Tuesday, 8th August)
Breakfast, drive to the Korean West Coast to the city of Nampo, West Sea Barrage (giant dam regulating the water level of the Taedong River), drive along the West Coast, Mt. Kuwol (lookaround at Mt. Kuwol Fortress), Anak Tomb No. 3 (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Picnic lunch, Sightseeiung in Sinchon, Sinchon Museum of US War Atrocities, Keynam Farm, Sokdamgugok, City Tour in Haeju incl. the harbour and historic buldings, Dinner and overnight at Haeju Hotel

Day 3 (Wednesday, 09th August)
Breakfast, Drive to Sariwon, Lunch in a local restaurant in Sariwon, Jongbang Castle, Songbul Temple, drive to Wonsan, visit to the East Coast, Dinner and overnight at Tongmyong Hotel

Day 4 (Thursday, 10th August)
Breakfast, drive along the East Coast to Hamhung (2nd largest North Korean city), lunch in Hamhung, Hamhung city tour (incl. former “Wilhelm-Pieck-Straße”, Mount Tonghung, Kumchon Pavilion, Hamhung Wall, Sonhwa Hall, lunch, Ryangchon Temple, Hungnam Fertiliser Complex, Hamhung Grand Central Theatre), Dinner and overnight at Beach bungalows

Day 5 (Friday, 11th August)
Breakfast, drive back along the East Coast to Pyongyang, Lunch in Wonsan, City Tour of Pyongyang (as much of the important sights as time permits), Dinner and overnight at Koryo Hotel

Day 6 (Saturday, 12th August)
Breakfast, Departure

The itinerary is a pre-planned itinerary, which we intend to follow accordingly. However, it is also normal for DPRK tourism that certain program points may be modified or replaced by the North Koreans at short notice. Usually, such changes only happen to the order of events, but in rare occurances also to larger parts of the itinerary. We as a travel intermediary between our clients and the North Korean government tourism agency are not responsible for any of such short-term changes. We therefore we ask you for your understanding that in the event of such changes, the tour can neither be fully, nor partially refunded.

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07 August (Monday) – 12 August 2017 (Saturday)

Places to Visit

Orientation walk in the Pyongyang, drive along the Koran West Coast, Sightseeiung in Sinchon, Mt. Jangsu, Hamhung city tour, drive back along the East Coast to Pyongyang

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Tour description

On this group tour you will experience the natural beauty of North Korea beyond the capital Pyongyang. You will see the historical sites of the Korean West Coast, the West Sea Barrage, Mt. Kuwol, the Anak Tomb no. 3 of the Kuguryo Tombs (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and many other places of historical and cultural significance. After exploring the western part of the DPRK, you will visit the Korean East Coast where the group will stay in the city of Wonsan and then continue to Hamhung, the second largest North Korean city. At the end of this unique journey you will spend the last night in Pyongyang. This particular tour is ideal for those who already know Pyongyang from a former visit and are now eager to explore the unknown regions far beyond the usual touristic spots of the country.

The trip can be ideally combined with our Liberation Day Tours or our Football Groundhopping Tour. If you want to combine two tours, we kindly ask you to send us an email to

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