Betty from United States, November 2016 (Group Tour)


I went on an 8 day ‘tour’ in mid November 2016. You lose two days, coming/going from BJ, and November is cold, slightly below freezing, which is probably why it was just me. I was concerned about being alone with two guides possibly not so fluent in English. I was wrong: they were lovely young people whose English was better than expected. The driver was very safe.
DPRK was one of my most unusual travel experiences of almost 50 countries. I recommend it for open-minded people especially interested in the intersection of government and society. It is totally unlike anywhere else I’ve been, as everything is controlled; you can not leave the hotel on your own; you will not interact with the ‘man on the street.’; you will bow before the ‘Great’ and ‘Dear’.
You must accept those realities. But you will see a society unlike any you’ved seen elsewhere which will challenge your perceptions of how we all define our realities. I did not feel at risk. Read thoroughly before you go. Hopefully you will leave reminded that underneath it all, we are all human beings, kin one and all.
Betty (USA)