Train information

Train schedule for group travelers

On this page you will find an overview of all the train connections we offer for group travelers. Refer to the booking options of each tour to find out which train connections out of the country are available for the respective group tour.

Train schedule between Pyongyang and Dandong

There is a daily train (number 51 and 52 respectively) between Pyongyang and Dandong. The train consists of passenger cars (couchette) with six bunks per compartment, and comes with a dining car. Trains number 51 and 52 are not to be confused with the international train K27/K28, which runs at greater intervals between Pyongyang and Beijing.

Train No. 51 (Pyongyang – Dandong)

departure* arrival*
10:40h 16:23h

* local time

Train schedule between Pyongyang and Beijing

The international trains K27/K28 between Pyongyang and Peking operate several days a week. In addition to a dining car, the train consists of sleeper cars with 4 to 6 bunks per compartment.

Train K28 (Pyongyang – Beijing)

departure* arrival*
10:40h 08:23h
[Mon. Wed. Thu. Sat.] [Tue. Thu. Fri. Sun.]

* local time